Several ways to raise libido

Libido can be capricious, but there is a way for everything. It is an unequal struggle. Stress, fatigue, poor diet, lack of exercise, hormonal problems, relationship routine - these things certainly don't help. But there are ways to raise your libido ..
If you or your partner haven't felt like having sex for a while, check out some patents and try to boost your libido. Sex consolidates the relationship, helps relieve stress, adds energy, improves blood circulation, oxygenates the body, relieves pain, improves mood, and strengthens the body's immunity. And the less we grow it, the more we put our libido to sleep. It is worth fighting for the return of hot scenes in the bedroom. How?

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Get moving! Sex likes sports

Everyday physical activity has a huge impact on libido. According to a study from the University of Texas, women who completed 20-minute cardio training were more aroused after watching the erotic video than women who did not exercise. In turn, researchers from the University of California conducted an experiment which clearly showed that men exercising for an hour at least three times a week had sex more often and were more satisfied with it than before they started exercising.
During physical activity (30 minutes of cardio is enough), endorphins are released, which reduce the feeling of anxiety and reduce stress, which are the main enemies of libido. On the other hand, during strength training, the level of testosterone in the body increases - a hormone that has a direct impact on libido

Season your food

Skillful juggling of spices in the kitchen can also contribute to the atmosphere in the bedroom. The next time you prepare dinner for the two of you, add fresh basil to the dish - its fragrance stimulates the senses. Cinnamon will also work as it improves circulation and warms you up. Ginger, already appreciated in ancient China, also improves blood circulation, thereby enhancing the sexual experience. Garlic contains high levels of allicin, which can help with male erectile dysfunction (of course, if added in moderation to the dish, as garlic breath can wreck everything!), And saffron increases the desire in women. Learn about the use of saffron: "Properties and uses of saffron".
It is also worth taking a closer look at Ginkgo biloba, an extract from the Chinese tree. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, it's good for sexual dysfunction. It increases blood flow to the brain and reproductive organs. It is worth considering supplementing this extract.
One should not forget about chili peppers, which have warming, stimulating and mood-enhancing properties, and about nutmeg (it will work well in desserts!), In the Middle Ages called the lovers' spice. We know that it may sound banal, but when working on good sex, it is worth using and checking various solutions.

Get some sleep. Libido likes relaxation

Sexologists agree: Lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels (it is the male sex hormone and its decrease can cause sexual dysfunction). Sexologist Dr. Andrzej Depko says that stress and lack of rest effectively quench libido. The ideal for the body is a six to eight hour sleep, but it's also important not to be overwhelmed by the night. If you sleep for a minimum of six hours, but regularly, your urge to have sex should come back.

Work on self-confidence

We know, it's easy to say… But it's worth working on what we think about ourselves and our self-confidence. The way you look at yourself has an impact on your sex life. If you don't like your body, you may have trouble feeling at ease naked next to your partner and fully enjoying the rapprochement. Even when your stomach or legs are not perfect, but you value yourself and know your worth, it will be visible in contacts with your partner and also in bed. Confidence is sexy.